February 24, 2012

Page McConnell // Album & Tour

For this album project, Page worked closely throughout with engineer and co-producer Jared Slomoff, drummer Jon Fishman and guitarist Adam Zimmon. Mike Gordon, Trey Anastasio, and drummer Jim Keltner also make significant contributions. The album was recorded in Vermont and Brooklyn between January 2005 and June 2006 and was mixed by Bryce Goggin.

After the album was complete Page assembled a touring band to bring his new songs into a live setting. The band toured through summer of 2007 with multi-instrumentalist Jared Slomoff, guitarist Adam Zimmon, bassist Rob O’Dea, and drummer Gabe Jarrett.

Page McConnell

Released 4/17/2007 on Sony Legacy
CD and digital

Produced By Page McConnell
Co-Produced by Jared Slomoff
Additional Production by Bryce Goggin
Engineered by Jared Slomoff and Bryce Goggin
Mixed by Bryce Goggin
Recorded in Vermont at The Flagship, The Bunker, Main Street, Egan Media Productions and in Brooklyn, NY, June 2006

“I just wanted to record some things that I was enjoying, and have fun with it,” he recalls. “As the process went on, they developed into songs. Most of the stuff that I recorded in my little home studio is what ended up on the album. It was so innocent; it was really built from the ground up.”

01 Beauty of a Broken Heart
02 Heavy Rotation
03 Maid Marian
04 Close to Home
05 Runaway Bride
06 Back in the Basement
07 Rules I Don’t Know
08 Complex Wind
09 Everyone But Me

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