Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

The C7, manufactured in 2001, was fitted with Steinway hammers. On stage it is played through a custom-built Helpinstill pickup run through an Avalon U5 Tube DI.

On tour, Page’s tech Kevin Brown, tunes the piano twice a day.

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Hohner D6 Clavinet

The Clavinet is another of Page’s vintage electric keyboards. The set-up includes a MXR Phase 90 custom made by MCR for more velocity.

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Hammond B-3 Organ

A standard for live setting, this organ was manufactured in 1967 and, as is the norm, it is played through a Leslie 122 rotary speaker.

Goff Brothers has modified Page’s B3 per his specifications.

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Fender Rhodes MKII

The Rhodes piano is an electro-mechanical piano, invented by Harold Rhodes during the fifties and later manufactured in a number of models, first in collaboration with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and after 1965 by CBS.

This particular instrument was manufactured sometime between 1975 and 1979.

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Yamaha CS-60 Polyphonic Synth

This Yamaha synth was manufactured in 1977. A Sabine tuner on top helps keep it in tune.

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44 key Wurlitzer 106p

Originally built in the 1970’s, this electric piano is unusual in that it has 44 keys vs the normal 64 keys, making it a rare piece. The “p” stands for pupil as this was originally designed for classroom use.

Page’s Wurlitzer was custom restored by Ken Rich Sound Services with speed control for vibrato was added.

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Moog Liberation Keytar

This unique keyed instrument was originally owned by the late, great James Brown. Page purchased it in through his estate auction.

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